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North Korea Fires Crypto Bomb At US, Calls It King of Theft

North Korea has always hogged the headlines! But this time, they are stealing the show with the Crypto bombs. Here we are revealing all about the North Korea crypto bomb. 

North Korea is famous for the “habitual” firing of ballistic missiles. They are also passionate about stealing other countries’ crypto.

On Thursday (Feb. 10), North Korea accused the US of stealing funds and committing underhanded cybercrime. They accused the US just days after the United Nations accused Pyongyang of conducting cyberattacks on crypto exchanges worldwide.

As per the reports by the North Korean officials, the US is a “hacking king, a wire-tapping regime and an expert in covert theft.”

North Korea Fires Crypto Bomb!

Although the UN observers did not specifically cite the US. They are claiming that the information is from a “member nation”. They’ve also referenced data gathered by the American firm Chainalysis on alleged North Korean crypto raids.

According to South Korean news outlet EDaily, the North’s foreign ministry debunked UN monitors’ recent assertions. They‘ve put the assertion that North Korean hackers harvested over $50 million between 2020 and mid-2021.

Further, Kumsuki has also been linked to an attack, according to security firm Ahn Labs, that makes use of malicious Microsoft Word documents.

Moreover, the North Korean ministry alleged that claims of crypto bomb constituted an “assault” on the country’s “sovereignty”. They’ve cited them as examples of “disgusting behaviour” that the ministry would not condone.

Furthermore, It added that Washington is using humanity’s common virtual grounds “to achieve its hegemony objectives.”

In addition, Experts in Seoul and Washington claimed in 2019 that Pyongyang had trained a group of at least 30 “elite cyber warriors”. They’ve directed them to infiltrate Western and Western-allied crypto targets with reckless abandon.

Meanwhile, Pyongyang is said to be not content to keep its crypto stash indefinitely. The South Korean experts claim that North Korean hackers’ final obstacle is selling off their stolen crypto assets.


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