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3 Reasons Why You Should Trade BUSD-M Futures


There are plenty of alternatives available in the industry of crypto futures. These alternatives can vary considerably from each other. For example, you can pick a trade agreement that settles on and hinge on cryptocurrencies like BUSD-m, Ethereum (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC). Or you can use stablecoins to manage a futures trade. Some of the common stablecoins consist of Binance USD (BUSD), USD Coin (USDC), and Tether (USDT).

What are BUSD-Margined Futures Contracts?

BUSD-m futures are one of the recent futures contracts accessible on Binance. It is a USD support stable coin, and the value of each BUSD is equal to 1USD. Consequently, Binance USD enables a quicker approach to sponsor your businesses and is reasonable as a means of the payment process, exchange, and the store of value across the international crypto ecosystem.

How exactly do BUSD-margined contracts work?

Basically, BUSD-m contracts are linear future commodities settle, collateralize, and quote in BUSD, making the whole transaction rather simple to evaluate into USD (or any of your preferred fiat currencies). That makes them as user-friendly and intuitive as USDT-margined contracts. Thus users should not spend extra efforts to learn how to use BUSD-margined contracts. At present, you can find BUSD-margined futures in perpetual contracts as they give the following features.

  • No termination date: you can easily hold a position with no termination period, and also, you don’t require keeping records of different delivery months, unlike conventional futures contracts.
  • Settlement in BUSD: all contracts settles and denominated in BUSD. It is a resourceful settlement currency across the product line of the BUSD-m futures.
  • Funding rate: the market prices for BUSD-margined perpetual contracts are not so far after their spot equivalent. Funding prices make this possible. These rates are determine at 8 hours, according to the side dominating – shorts or longs. The spot market rates used to clear such payments. 
  • Clear pricing regulations: every single future contract mentions the quantity of base assets provided for a single contract, also called a Contract Unit. For example, BNB/BUSD, ETH/BUSD, and BTC/BUSD future contracts signify just one unit of its particular base asset, just like spot markets.

Benefits of Holding BUSD

BUSD-M gives some exceptional benefits than other stablecoins in the world of crypto.

1. Strict Compliance and supported by Cash Equivalents and Cash

BUSD is a fiat-backed, regulated stablecoin hooked to the USD. For each BUSD unit, there is $1 kept in reserve. However, the supply of BUSD-M is hooked to the USD at the ratio of 1:1. The stablecoin is controlled by NYDFS (New-York State Department-of-Financial Services) and issued by Paxos. The worth of every stablecoin token is linked directly to the USD’s amount, and the value of reserve dollars exceeds or equals the amount of stablecoins outstanding.

These reserve amounts are kept in the securest forms, like short-term maturity-US-Treasury instruments and FDIC-insured bank accounts. Oversight and regulation by the NYDFS are very important because it makes sure that the value of the stable coins is kept with their equivalent fiat currency.

When it comes to BUSD, the NYDFS is accountable to regulate the coin so that separate tokens always follow its specified regulations. That implies that BUSD reserve assets will be checked to match the delivery of BUSD tokens and basic U.S. dollars each month. It also makes sure the stablecoin users that the U.S. dollars underlying their stablecoins are safe plus will be accessible right away when they need them. 

2. Redeem and Purchase with Zero Fees

BUSD transacting on Binance has proved to be a lucrative choice. Binance has introduced the 0 maker fee promotion inducement for all BUSD pairs plus the 0 transaction fee promotion for four BUSD stablecoin pairs. So, users can buy and trade Binance USD with reduced charges and enjoy the amazing liquidly in the Margin and the Spot market. 

These schemes will aid to reduce your overall trading charges and will aid you to enjoy more profits. Moreover, the fully cash-backed reserves and strict compliance standards make BUSD one of the safest and the most secure stablecoins for holding.

Reasons for Trading in BUSD-Margined Futures Contracts

Binance USD-margined futures offer crypto-futures traders with latest strategies and new perspectives on how to trade. 

1. Enjoy Maker Rebates and Fee Discounts 

Traders that use BUSD-m contracts will have maker rebates and reduced fees. The discounted charges apply to any trading pairs, including BUSD, like BTC/BUSD perpetual contracts or ETH/BUSD perpetual contracts. The fee structure during the discount time is as follows-

  • Taker: 0.0170%
  • Maker: -0.0100% 

2. Versatility 

BUSD considered a global settlement currency that enables traders to do business in numerous contracts like BNB, ETH, BTC etc. That implies that you can open any contract in your preferred crypto and settle in a stablecoin on the backend. That will also reduce the requirement of traders to purchase the underlying cryptocurrencies to sponsor any upcoming positions.

Perse reduces charges that a trader will gain because no exchange conversions will happen when resolving the stablecoin. In addition, with the Multi-Assets Mode, BUSD-M holders can expand across different stable coins and boost their capital efficiency. With this amazing feature, BUSD holders can share their Margin across U.S. dollars-margined products accessible on Binance Futures (BUSD & USDT); this is especially helpful when opening positions in both the marketplaces. 

3. Simplicity of Calculating Returns in U.S. Dollars

The rates of stablecoin are pegged to the rates of a fiat currency. When it comes to the leading stablecoins, they attached to the USD, implying 1 BUSD must always be equivalent to 1 USD. Therefore, it would be easy to evaluate a BUSD-Margined futures trade in a fiat currency. If a trader doesn’t wish to analyze for USD; however, he is using BUSD-M, then they can assess the rate of exchange of $1 to the worth of their required currency and feel convinced that BUSD maps straight to the similar rate of exchange.


With the arrival of BUSD-m contracts, people can now easily expand their stablecoin exposure among USDT and BUSD. If you possess huge sums of stablecoins, a division among USDT and BUSD might be a perfect idea for convenience, diversification, and overall trading strategy functions. Despite what kind of derivatives (margins or futures) trade you seek to take part in, always understand the intense financial risk posed. It advised that you should always trade with utmost care. 


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