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How to Access Binance NFT Mini App on Binance App?

Binance NFT platform has launched the attractive features of Binance NFT mini App. It is nothing but a mobile-friendly version of the Binance NFT official site to enhance visitors’ NFT experience. 

With the latest features, you can now easily access all Binance NFT’s services and products effortlessly in the app itself. With an intuitive and straightforward design that enables you to access and navigate various NFT functions more seamlessly and efficiently. 

You can also check out Binance NFT’s services and products via the website version by touching on More – Binance NFT; however, Binance NFT suggests you use its mini-app for an improved user experience. 

As part of their dedication to creating their community and building the most pleasing NFT experience. Binance NFT continuously seeks ways to update and enhance its products to suit its user’s requirements perfectly.

What is Binance NFT Mini App?

Today, Binance NFT is accessible on the recent Binance App versions (such as Android v2.43.0 or above or iOS v2.43.0 or above). You can easily access all the features of Binance NFT with ease inside the Binance Application. That Mini App of Binance app is easy to use a version of the Binance NFT site.

How to access Binance NFT Mini App?

  • First of all, you will need to download and install the recent edition of the Binance application and sign in to your account.
  • On the homepage of the application, scroll down to access Marketplace. Now you will get the option “Binance NFT” under Mini Apps. 

Upgrades to the Binance NFT Marketplace 

Filter NFTs through their Properties

To enjoy the more customized experience on the BInance NFT platform, you can now easily filter or sort NFTs through their properties, like hats or glasses. Dissimilar NFTs have dissimilar properties, plus the properties are taken straight from the blockchain. Thus the properties listed in every collection will vary. 

You will see properties on each NFT page and NFT Collection page. On the Binance NFT Mini App-Collection page, you can also check a bracketed number. Those numbers show the number of NFTs on the blockchain and the particular property from the chosen collection. The number will be represented as a percentage on the NFT page. 

An Improved Way to Filter and Search 

Binance has optimized the marketplace filter and search function so that you can discover the NFT you are seeking more effortlessly. You will find the most often used filter choices on the left side of the Binance NFT Mini App, where you can shortlist your search according to the File Type, Category, Currency, Sale Type, Status, and Collections. Under the status tab, you can select if you want to watch NFTs that are launching soon or NFTs for sale. 

Make offers for Mystery Boxes and NFTs


If you are a buyer, you can now make offers on Mystery Boxes and fixed-price NFTs. The lowest rate for a recommendation is 1 BUSD, and you as a buyer can make only one offer for a Mystery Box or NFT.

After making an offer, the price will be sealed from your Funding Wallet and released if your offer is expired or cancelled. You can discover trades created by proposals under Sales & Purchase History in the User Centre. 

You can simply check the partial offers they have created in the User Center by tapping on the menu. In addition, after buying Mystery Boxes or NFTs using the Make Offer feature, you can record all successful offers by visiting the User Center. 


If you are a seller, you can now prefer to decline or accept Mystery Box or NFT offers. If you get multiple offers for some product, you will see the maximum offer for each cryptocurrency. You can visit the User Center on Binance NFT Mini App and click on the offers on the menu to check the price of the offers you have received. 

Furthermore, you can record all Mystery Boxes or NFTs sold via the Make Offer features by visiting the User Center.

Reminder notices for Mystery Box Sales

Are you fed up with the initial sale for a Mystery Box Collection that you have always wanted? You can choose to subscribe to your favourite Mystery Box to get the notifications for sale by clicking on the bell (or alarm clock symbol). As soon as you subscribe to this, you will get a push notification on Binance NFT Mini App a few minutes before the sale starts.

New NFT Payment Optimization Features

1. Password-Free Purchase Limit (for each Transaction) 

To make buying NFTs a smoother and effortless experience, Binance introduces the Password-Free Purchase Limit (for each transaction) feature for substituting the regular Remaining Purchase Limit. 

The set Password-Free Purchase Limit (for each transaction) is fixed at 500 BUSD, plus the maximum is 100,000 BUSD. Visit the User Center, then go to settings options and then click on the Account Limit for adjusting the amount. 

2. Pay PIN 

The all-new Pay PIN feature of Binance NFT Mini App lets you finish your transactions safely when the cost of your purchase goes beyond the Password-Free Purchase Limit (for each transaction).

Furthermore, suppose Binance risk management guidelines are activated throughout the transaction procedure. Users who have created their Pay PIN can miss out on the 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) after confirming their purchase.

What is the Binance NFT marketplace?

It is a marketplace that presents all varieties of digital collectibles and artworks. Binance blockchain community and infrastructure power this marketplace, giving users the maximum liquidity platform to trade and launch NFTs. 

How to get started with Binance NFT Marketplace?

The Binance NFT Mini App accumulates crypto enthusiasts, creators, and artists in a single place to trade and create NFTs. The platform features three major product lines:

Mystery Boxes: each mystery box assured of having a single random NFT within. It’s open for an opportunity to win SSR (super super rare), SR (super rare), R (rare), and N (normal) NFT. 

Events: Purchase exclusive and premium NFTs made by prominent global artists and the most dominant brands and names. Events will consist of offerings from musicians and digital artists, plus celebrities and athletes.

Marketplace: purchase, bid, sell, and mint NFTs from creators throughout the globe.


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