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Travel Future Is Here: Next Earth Announces Partnership With Iomob And Vueling Airlines

Ready to say goodbye to the hassles of traditional travel with Next Earth

Everything you think about traveling is worth reconsidering because Next Earth has taken transport to a whole new level.

Next Earth, sustainability-focused Metaverse with nearly 240,000 users and over 45,000 virtual landowners, has announced a new partnership today with Iomob. Further, the groundbreaking blockchain company developed the first decentralized Mobility Marketplace Network and token protocol in the world. The new partnership will be implemented through Limitless. Even the Metaverse integrator and go-to full-stack solution for established brands and startups, pairing Iomob and Next Earth seamlessly.

However, the strategic alliance does not stop there; the third member of the partnership has become the socially responsible Vueling Airlines. Under the new partnership, these companies will work together to develop tools and services that allow “Next Earthians”. It is to visualize and plan real-world journeys. From now on, users will be able to track carbon emissions and book “carbon positive” transport through the Metaverse and Iomob companion app.

Gabor Retfalvi, CEO of Next Earth, commented on the partnership, “Next Earth and Iomob. He added that these projects are an exceptionally good match and use case. The development of methods to visualize and experience sustainable journeys within Next Earth fits perfectly with the natural evolution that defines our environment. This is a great next step for our company’s platform and evolution.”

Next Earth: Why is this Partnership Unique?

Iomob is a transport company in the “real world” that helps users plan their A-to-B journeys. This journey allows them to schedule a number of services such as taxis, scooters, public transport, parking and more.

Vueling Airlines is a Spanish airline that served 32 million passengers in 2019. It is the last year before the epidemic and is the first airline that enables bookings through Metaverse.

They add the ability to book real flights in Next Earth and then access them via QR codes through an accompanying mobile app.

These show that Next Earth’s partnership with Iomb and Vueling Airlines brings together several unique entities that can significantly positively impact environmental challenges.

The Future Together

Next Earth has taken its place at the center of the Metaversal Industrial Revolution. It has taken the space with its unique 1:1 recreation of the Earth and its mission to create the first decentralized virtual world.

Meanwhile, Iomob recently announced investments from True Global Ventures, A100x and Creas. Jointly with Vueling Airlines, this new venture will make intermodal mobility more accessible. It’ll make the tapping more accessible by tapping into 7,000 taxi fleets, micro-mobility in more than 270 cities, thousands of parking spaces and more than 480 public transit feeds.

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