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Getty Images to Start NFT Marketplace with Candy Digital

Just like others are capitalizing on the NFTs, Getty images are also all set to dive into the NFT (non-fungible tokens). Even though a marketplace-like platform will float in partnership with Candy Digital, a digital collectible company.

As per the PR that is detailing the multi-year partnership, Candy Digital will serve as the exclusive NFT marketplace developer for the company. This company currently harbors more than 465 million images. These images include over 135 million analog images from Getty Images’ photographic archive.

Getty Images is one of the pioneers of cultural representations and creative ingenuity through photography and other audio-visual content.

However, the partnership, photography and NFT collectors will be able to purchase, sell and trade official digital collectibles seamlessly. It will be through the Getty Images marketplace on Candy.

CEO of Getty Images Craig Peters also said that “With the very best content at our core, innovation is woven into the fabric of Getty Images. This partnership speaks to our mission to connect people with our high quality, exclusive visual content,” 

“We are proud to work with Candy Digital to expand our offering to the fast-growing global audience of NFT collectors, representing significant opportunities for the company and our global photographer community,” he added.

What do Will Getty Images and Candy Digital Will do?

According to Candy Digital’s official website, the company is Major League Baseball’s official NFT ecosystem. This is where fans and collectors will be able to purchase, trade, and share officially licensed NFTs. 

Moreover, Getty Images will be the latest multinational brand that will be with the NFT world. This brand will be the one after the music platform Spotify. Also, Spotify will begin trialing NFTs for selected users in the summer.

Additionally, Instagram has also shown a unique interest in digital collectibles. They will be providing one form of support for the offshoot of blockchain technology.

Overall, NFTs are projected as one of the foundational innovations. It will drive the next set of a billion users into the blockchain and Web3.0 ecosystem.

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