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The Sandbox Is Bringing TIME Square To The Metaverse

Sandbox is all set to introduce the virtual TIME square to the Metaverse. 

The blockchain gaming company Sandbox has announced a partnership with the TIMEPieces, TIME Magazine NFT Arm. 

The main purpose of the partnership is to reimagine the iconic New York City Landmark of Times square as a virtual hub for commerce and art in the metaverse. 

After the collaboration, TIME has also acquired the land in the Sandbox. This land will be the house in the new virtual TIME square Landmark. Further, this land will also be functioning as a platform. 

As a part of the collaboration, the magazine has also acquired land in the Sandbox. Further, TIMEPiecers holders especially would be able to attend exclusive meetings. The TIME studios host the event for recreational and educational purposes. 

TIME’s Big Foray to the Metaverse

This is TIME’s first big foray into the metaverse. Ever since they are agreeing to produce metaverse-related content in its partnership with the galaxy digital that is called “ Heart of the Metaverse”. 

Further, TIME president Keith A.Grossman also calls this project a “natural bridge”. This initiative will bring the TIME virtual community, historical coverage, global relationships, and real-life events. 

Grossman has also issued an open call for architects who could design the TIME Square location as a voxel creation. The intent is to capture the essence of the original Times Square location in NYC and reinterpret it for the metaverse. 

The high energy and visual spirit inspire this project. This is also referring to as the “Heart of the New York”. The upcoming location is set to be TIME’s first-ever metaverse destination. The Sandbox’s Strong Metaverse Game

The Sandbox’s blockchain platform has helped many leading brands and institutions to enter the metaverse, including financial giants like HSBC and Standard Chartered Bank. In fact, it has even opened a gateway into the metaverse for K-pop music by partnering with Cube Entertainment.

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