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NFT Auctions Proposed By Telegram Founder- Telegram To Get On Web3

Pavel Durov, the Telegram founder announced that he recently considers thought of marketplace on such platform. However, some of the messaging platform has also been most of the sought-after in previous few years. Apart from such kind of ease of access, Telegram now boasts some other qualities, that includes encryption of the messages between the set of users. It also mentioned that platform can simply embrace culture of NFT with the help of the smart contracts. It could simply auction from famous usernames that sought by the users.

Telegram founder wish to auction NFT!

The founder of Telegram mentioned the change subsequent the platform’s latest success at auctions of domain name. Also, the blockchain is a chain that created as well as operated by various Telegram developers. Here, new services allow the users to simply edit and also to change names for the wallets and different things such as smart contracts for having the readable names.

In a statement related to the NFT culled off from the private group of platform. The success highlighted and platform will also enjoy if there are auction out with the reserved names and the group links on platform. It also mentioned that platform can now look in the rolling marketplace for selling the famous usernames.

Recorded success in auction of TON DNS

It also mentioned that marketplace will simply function like the general NFT marketplace. The users are keen as well as interested in purchasing such famous usernames from a seller through smart contract. Moreover, the company can even decide for extending such services to different aspects of platform, such as likes and stickers. The first stage also took place just few months back, where the users are also allowed to add some kind of the suffix to the names rather than typing usual combination of long alphanumeric for the wallets.


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