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What Is The Reason Of Deactivating My Revoult Account?

If you have received any such communication or confirmation that we may close or we may suspend the revoult account instantly. With this, you will also get to an end of the access to the website. We might even decide to close and to suspend the account for some different reasons as well. The authority will contact you through our established Revolut app with the time margin of minimum two months before doing this.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with more specific information regarding closure of the account. These decisions are final and there are no additional measures you can take to prevent us from executing an account closure or suspension.

Some circumstances for deactivating of Revoult Account:

  • In case you have any such specific reason to suspect about your fraudulent behaviour.
  • If you have not given us any such information that we request, or in case we have some great reason to believe about information that you given is right or not.
  • In case you have broken the terms and conditions in persistent and serious way and also if you have not put the matter in a right way within stipulated time.
  • If there is any specific reason to believe using of Revolut app is quite harmful to our software, hardware and the systems.
  • Also, if there is any reason to believe about continuing using of the account that can damage our goodwill or reputation.
  • In case even after asking to deposit the money that you owe and you are unable to do it.
  • In case you are declared as bankrupt and even if you need to do it under regulations or any court order.

Apart from this, we may also deactivate your Revoult account if we believe that the account details are at high risk of fraud or if we have any genuine reason of suspecting deliberately violation of our T&C.


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