AlphaGPT ($AGPT) and ($PLX) – A Warning to the Crypto Community


The cryptocurrency world is no stranger to scams, and the latest to hit the headlines is AlphaGPT ($AGPT), which appears to have connections to another dubious project, ($PLX). In this detailed alert, we uncover the red flags that make AlphaGPT a textbook example of a crypto scam, and why it’s crucial for enthusiasts to stay clear of’s PLX tokens.

The Alarming Similarities and Red Flags AlphaGPT’s operational mode rings alarm bells. Investors reported purchasing AGPT tokens directly from their website but never actually receiving them. Instead, they saw mere numbers in their dashboard, with no real tokens in their possession. Adding to the suspicion, the AlphaGPT website has now ceased operation, and the contract address for the token is reportedly incorrect. Further, their Telegram channel has been inactive since August 2023, a sign of a project abandoned by its creators.

The parallels with are hard to ignore. Both projects share striking similarities, from their operational methods to their digital footprints, leading to speculation that they might even share the same ownership. The modus operandi of promising high returns, failing to deliver actual tokens, and then vanishing, fits the classic scam pattern in the crypto space.

A Cautionary Tale for the Crypto Enthusiasts This situation serves as a stark reminder of the dangers lurking in the crypto market. Potential investors must exercise due diligence and approach new investment opportunities with a healthy dose of skepticism. It’s crucial to research thoroughly and invest only in projects with transparent operations and a verifiable track record. urges the community to stay informed and cautious. We must work together to expose such fraudulent schemes and protect our fellow enthusiasts from falling prey to them. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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