Shiba Inu Founder Ryoshi’s Crucial Message Shared by SHIB Marketing Lead


The Shiba Inu community was recently reminded of its foundational principles by Lucie, the project’s social media marketing lead, invoking the spirit and philosophy of Ryoshi, the enigmatic founder. Lucie’s tweet highlighted a crucial message from Ryoshi, emphasizing introspection and moral values, symbolized through the imagery of a cat-samurai ready to unsheathe its katana. This act of sharing reflects not just a recall to the project’s roots but serves as a beacon for the community’s path forward, underscoring the essence of looking within oneself to navigate the vast and often tumultuous crypto landscape.

Ryoshi’s sudden departure from the digital world, akin to the mysterious disappearance of Bitcoin’s Satoshi Nakamoto, serves as a stark reminder of the transient nature of leadership within the cryptocurrency realm. By erasing his digital footprint, Ryoshi reinforced his message that the movement’s momentum should be community-driven, emphasizing the project’s ethos over individual acclaim. This act of vanishing has left a lasting imprint on the community, urging them to focus on the collective journey and the values that unite them.

Amidst this reflective backdrop, Lucie also issued a stern warning about the rampant scams within the cryptocurrency space. With the rise of new projects, especially those claiming affiliation with Shiba Inu, the community is urged to exercise due diligence and research thoroughly before engaging financially. This cautionary stance highlights the critical need for vigilance and wisdom in the crypto space, where the allure of quick gains often clouds the judgment of unwary investors. Lucie’s message is clear: true value lies in the integrity of the project and the safety of the community members.

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