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Is aiDoge a Scam? Unfulfilled Promises Lead to Growing Concerns

Amid unfulfilled promises, growing concerns around the legitimacy of aiDoge are rising, with investors yet to receive their $AI tokens.

Decentralized Finance Platform Jimbos Protocol Suffers $7M Loss Due to Security Exploit

Jimbos Protocol, a DeFi platform built on Arbitrum, has suffered a security exploit resulting in a loss of $7.3 million.

Russian Cybercriminal Accused in $200M Crypto Ransomware Attack on US Infrastructure

The US Department of Justice has indicted Russian national Mikhail Pavlovich Matveev for a crypto-ransomware attack on US infrastructure, amounting to a $200 million heist.

US Justice Department Targets DeFi Cybercriminals Amid Surge in Crypto Crime

The US Justice Department is intensifying its crackdown on DeFi cybercriminals amid a surge in illicit cryptocurrency activities over the past four years.

Bittrex Filing for Bankruptcy Amidst Legal Challenges

Bittrex Inc., a Seattle-based crypto exchange, files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy following a lawsuit from the SEC. Despite this, Bittrex Global continues its operations, serving customers outside the U.S.

Breaking: Do Kwon’s Legal Team Fights SEC Charges in Terra Token Sale Case

Breaking news! Do Kwon's legal team is fighting the SEC charges in the Terra Token Sale case. Let's hope for a positive outcome!

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