The Dramatic Crypto Showdown: Ethereum’s Death Cross, Cardano’s Uncertain Ascent, and Dogecoin’s Unyielding Resilience

🚨 Major Crypto Alert! 🚨 The crypto world is on a rollercoaster 🎢! Will #Ethereum fall off the cliff due to the #DeathCross? Is #Cardano's rise a fluke? And why is #Dogecoin still soaring? 🚀

Thailand Contemplates Blocking Facebook Over Crypto Scam Concerns

🚨Thailand might block Facebook due to #CryptoScam ads! Over 200k misled by deceptive investment schemes. Time for platforms to step up and protect users. 🇹🇭🔐 #ThailandVsFacebook #OnlineSafety #ProtectInvestors

The Ingenious Arbitrage Strategy Born from a Multichain Hack

The recent multichain hack in the crypto world led to the creation of a smart arbitrage strategy, demonstrating the potential for innovation even in times of crisis.

DeFi Platform Sturdy Finance Suffers 442 ETH Loss in an Exploit

Sturdy Finance, a DeFi lending protocol, experiences a significant loss of 442 ETH (~$800,000) due to an exploitation.

Navigating the Bitcoin Waters: A Quick Analysis and Action Plan

Get ready to seize a potential opportunity as Bitcoin may see a dip before bouncing back, projected to reach around $33,000 by the end of July 2023.