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Cryptocurrency Trading

Cardano Network: Overcoming Transaction Delays

Cardano network grapples with transaction delays on DEXes, with swaps taking up to 30 minutes.

Wintermute’s Shifting Focus: PEPE Token Challenges SHIB’s Dominance

Wintermute, a London-based trading firm, is shaking up the meme coin market as it shifts its portfolio towards PEPE token, challenging SHIB's dominance. The move signals a change in meme coin dynamics, as PEPE's listing on Bitfinex and Wintermute's trading activity highlight the continued importance of meme coins in the crypto landscape.

The Controversy Surrounding the Digital Asset Mining Energy Tax and Its Impact on the Future of Crypto Mining

The proposed Digital Asset Mining Energy (DAME) tax has stirred controversy in the cryptocurrency industry. Critics argue it could drive mining firms out of the U.S.

Tron’s TVL: Remarkable or Doubtful? Crypto Analyst Weighs In

Tron's impressive TVL has the crypto world buzzing! But is it too good to be true? Our expert spills the tea 🍵 #TronTVL #CryptoNews

Fair Crypto Trading for All: South Korea Considers Class Action System

South Korea considers class action system for fair crypto trading, bringing hope to investors everywhere!

“XRP Whales Accumulate Record Amounts as Market Anticipates Potential Surge”

Get ready for a ride, as XRP is showing signs of a potential rally! Whales are gearing up for a surge, and excitement is in the air. Stay tuned for more updates!

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