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Signal introduces cryptocurrency payments for UK users in beta


A privacy-focused messenger app Signal has introduced a beta version with several improvements and a Signal Payments feature on April 6. Users in the UK will be able to test the payments beta. In particular, it will allow them to send and receive payments in the app with privacy coin MobileCoin.

As per the announcement in the company’s blog, Signal Payments will offer a fast and private peer-to-peer payments service. The first protocol it supports is MobileCoin, a privacy-focused cryptocurrency that allows instant and secure digital payment transactions. According to TechCrunch, MobileCoin received technical guidance from Signal’s creator Moxie Marlinspike.

The blog post says that Signal users will be able to link their accounts to MobileCoin wallets. Then, they can easily send and receive funds to and from their contacts. Moreover, the messenger will not have access to the information in the users’ MobileCoin wallets to protect user privacy.  

Messaging app Signal allows for private and secure communication between its users enabled by end-to-end encryption. Moreover, it is a non-profit organization. As BTC Manager previously reported, in March of this year Signal Technology Foundation enabled its users and anyone who wishes to support the platform to make donations in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, and 10 other tokens.  


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