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Betting Big On Ethereum, Experts Predict $20,000 ETH In 2025

Despite plummeting prices, whales in the game know the prospects of the leading cryptocurrencies are bright. Ethereum’s Ether tokens are what many are predicting to become big in the next few years.  The second-biggest currency by market cap is already undergoing massive updates. 

Ethereum’s only issue is the congestion on the network which leads to high gas fees. The efforts to solve saw solutions being deployed and actively tested. Though they have not been able to deliver desired results yet, it’s only a matter of time. Once Ethereum has a solid solution to its scalability issues, it will dramatically increase in value – at least that’s what experts are betting on. 

An optimist and Ethereum supporter, BitBull Capital chief operating officer Sarah Bergrstrand is even going to the extent of predicting Ethereum to hit $100,000 by 2025. She said: “We are likely to see major upgrades to the Ethereum network this year, and those can be expected to push the price higher.”

Another factor that has led the experts to put high hopes in Ethereum is the growing popularity of decentralized finance, Defi. Like conventional banking, decentralized finance is a sector that explores possibilities of alternative finance including activities like lending and borrowing on decentralized networks using cryptocurrencies.

The majority of the Defi protocols rely on Ethereum’s blockchain network. As Defi continues to explode, the value of Ethereum’s Ether tokens will also keep increasing in perpetuity.



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