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Number Of Bitcoin Owners In The US Increased By 300% In Three Years

Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular. The leading token BItcoins has gained immense popularity since 2018 after the first market boom which saw BTC touching the $20,000 mark for the first time. 

According to a recent survey, the number of Bitcoin investors in the US has increased by over 300% since 2018. The study reveals that millennial investors in the US are actively investing in crypto. Overall, the number of bitcoin investors has risen from 2% to 6%. It means 6% of investors in the US are currently owning Bitcoin.

While young investors are more likely owners, the number of investors over 50 has also grown significantly. The survey also reveals that there are a significant number of investors who would want to invest in Bitcoins. Seasoned investors like hedge fund executives and wealth managers have heavily invested in Bitcoin. About 80% of them have been confirmed to be owning Bitcoins. 

Compared with Gold, which has over 11% investors, Bitcoin is not far behind. With 6% it is catching up and soon will be in a position to beat the most popular precious metal.


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