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Who Owns The Most Bitcoins?


Over the past decade, Bitcoins have only solidified their position as the most profitable asset class. No doubt it is often attributed as the Digital Gold. The leading cryptocurrency has returned over 300% on average annually since 2010. As such, it has been enticing both retail and institutional investors. 

However, with the Bitcoin market cap rallying around $1 trillion, one would ask, who owns the most bitcoins. While it is nearly impossible to ascertain exact figures due to the nature of the blockchain, a recent report from Buy Bitcoin Worldwide shows that asset managers and hedge funds own over 6% of the total BTC supply. It’s a clear indicator that institutional investors are becoming increasingly interested in the leading digital asset. 

The top BTC owner is the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust which is estimated to have over 3% of the total BTC supply. They are managing  654,600 BTC which according to the current BTC prices is worth over $32 billion. 

The second-biggest investor in Bitcoins is MicroStrategy, which holds over 108,992 BTC worth $5.3 billion. Recently, it also added 3,907 Bitcoins to its portfolio. Elon Musk’s Tesla is also amongst the top investors in Bitcoins and it has over 42,902 BTC which is worth $2.1 billion. The next in line is CoinShares’ XBT Provider which holds over  48,466 BTC ($2.4 billion) which is about 0.23% of the total supply. 

The total BTC supply will not exceed 21 million coins. Experts say that once the Bitcoin supply will be capped, it will only become more and more expensive. As the market is witnessing a sustained bull run, speculation is high. Many are predicting the BTC prices to hit the $100k mark.

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