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Bitcoin Payments to Be Added In Twitter for Crypto Exchange

Twitter has added a Bitcoin payments option, letting users pay with Bitcoin or exchange crypto with others.  

In the Tips feature of Twitter, you will find a Bitcoin payment option. It allows the users to perform payments via third-party services like PayPal, etc. In this way, users can add their bitcoin wallet to their profile and exchange/send cryptocurrency directly via the app. This is done through a third-party payment app built on the Bitcoin Lightning Network. Originally Tips feature was only accessible to limited users, but now it’s available for all users with iPhone and soon will be available on Android.

Tipping is carried out on third-party platforms, and it doesn’t receive any cut from donations. When a user chooses a service, it opens up a website or an app. Twitter itself generates the bitcoin lightning wallet invoice during the transfer of cryptocurrency; once the user pays the invoice off-platform, they will receive a notification from Twitter and reply using a preset emoji or text.

Meanwhile, NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are also becoming a huge part of Twitter. It lets the users connect their crypto wallets directly and manifest their NFT ownership on the social media site.

Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, has always been a prominent advocate of cryptocurrency and believes it will unite the world by becoming the native currency of the internet. Click here to learn more about the importance of Bitcoin for Twitter’s future!


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