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An outage of Service – Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram!

Facebook, also known as Social Media Giant, and its other platforms Instagram and WhatsApp, were down for few hours worldwide. It was confirmed by several users about the downtime of these apps as they were unable to access them. While the users were checking the latest updates on WhatsApp and Facebook, and Instagram, the latest stories were not uploaded. An error message was populating which mentioned – site cannot be reached!

Facebook, the controlling entity of these three apps, also confirmed the outage of service, and they also confirmed that the technical team is working on the glitch, and it will be resolved soon. Though in few hours, the services were also resumed.

Reason for Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram to go down?

These apps were down because of the outage, mainly caused by the initial domain name server. It was also blamed to be a configuration error. Because of this outage, communication was cut off between the data users of Facebook. This leads to a cascade of interruptions as the servers were not connected.

Was it because of Whistle-Blower?

In some reports, it was also shown that all the platforms of Facebook were impacted. However, some reports also said that this outage was because of a whistleblower where the Largest Social network in the world is claimed to prioritize their profits over the safety of the user.

Impact on Facebook’s Stock

There was a sudden dive in the stock as the site suffered from the worst outages. The stocks of Facebook were down by 5% on Monday and lead to the shedding of billions in the market cap value. In 2021, the Facebook stock has reached $1 trillion of market cap, but with this sudden technical outage, the stock dived on Monday.


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