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4 Things to Do If You Encounter a Crypto Scam or Fraud

If you’ve ever been the victim of a Crypto scam, the chances of getting your money back are quite low. Although, reporting the crime is still the best option!

The crypto scams are increasingly becoming hard to spot. The reason is that scammers are using spoofed endorsements and glossy websites. Even sharp investors can get caught when they are trying to invest. 

Here are the 4 things you can do if you think you’ve encountered the Crypto crime

1.Maintain Your Records To Find Crypto Fraud

First things first, when you are reporting the fraud, you may need to provide your transactions and communications records. If you do not save your records, it could lead to authorities not taking you seriously. Further, saving and maintaining the records means you don’t delete text messages and emails.

2. Contact the Investor Company For Crypto Scam

If you are getting the feeling that something is fishy about the last crypto investment you’ve made, try to contact the company immediately. You can not only contact them via email or phone, but you could also use social media. In addition, you can report your problems. 

Note: If a company responds to your queries and asks you to make the payment to withdraw your payment. In this situation, you should inquire completely before making more payments. 

3. Look for Communities

Many cryptocurrencies have active online communities that share the current news. The platforms include Discord, Telegram, and Reddit. Further, if you are having a problem with crypto investments, but you are not sure if it’s a scam or not, you must reach out to the community platform. The people in the community might have encountered the same issues.

4. Report to Local Authorities 

Now you have determined that you have been the Victim of the Crypto fraud or scam, you must contact your local authorities immediately. They might not be open to the investigation, but they have the best information available for you.


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