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Engiven Anticipates More Crypto Donations Than Fiat Donations For Giving Tuesday

According to the Founder of Engiven (Crypto Donation Platform):

Cryptocurrency might be difficult to understand, but the value of crypto donations turned into cash is not!

 A crypto donation platform, Engiven, that has assisted in donations to the Salvation Army, non-profit organizations, and religious groups will see substantial charitable payments in crypto for giving Tuesday.

The Tuesday after Thanksgiving is celebrated as a day when people and organizations donate their time and money.

Thus, James Lawrence, founder of Engiven, expects to see more crypto-based donations on this Giving Tuesday. This will be a global generosity movement as there is an increase in the Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), and other tokens prices.

Moreover, James pointed out that they have aided crypto donations for more than 400 religious organizations. The donations include a single BTC donation for $10 million in October. He further added that donations are nearly 50%  higher when people choose crypto as the medium of exchange. 

Further, he added that crypto donations are both an effective donation and a significant tax reduction in their current state. Also, if the donor has appreciated crypto, we can expect five or six-figure donations on our platform.

Lastly, Lawrence added that prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, most non-profits had an online strategy, and giving was part of that. Today, no religious organization, church, or non-profit can afford to neglect its online audience, donors, and seekers.

Crypto is quickly becoming part of that online ecosystem.


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