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Ethereum – Different Goal and Value!

Yes, it is clear that Ethereum is a cryptocurrency. It has absolutely different goal as compare to other cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. These two prominent cryptocurrencies have different use drastically goals and cases. With Ethereum operating like the decentralize network on best of applications that may be build. Various tokens of cryptocurrency issued over network of Ethereum.

Why to compare Ethereum?

We have seen people comparing Ethereum and Bitcoin, it’s similar to comparing electricity with gold. Also, we need to understand that both of these are valuable though they have absolutely different uses. We need to know that it is infrastructure. Also, it is the blockchain which is in now it’s initial days but also has a great potential to simply revolutionize technology and finance.


The capacity to use Ethereum platform for changing the way securities trading. Mortgage transfers and other fields work has assisted about their characteristic.

Also, there is much of development. Utility of itis limited by ingenuity of developers of the world. There are also various activities surrounding this platform. Technically speaking, cryptocurrency that use for facilitating the transactions is recognize as ether. But this is also referred popularly as ethereum.

Repositories of Ethereum

These are similar to the project folders where the developers collaborate through Github may simply access the project information.

The growth of DeFi or decentralized finance, is an additional bullish catalyst for the Ethereum. This concept is basically the traditional financial intermediaries where exchanges and brokerages are eliminated.

There is also a fundamental change about how the blocks created. Rather than miners having the computing power have greatest advantage for creating new tokens successfully, those having largest stake ownership are also grant the right.

Ethereum also has updated on ETH through the process of POS (proof of stake) where the users need to put up the collateral, or ‘stake’ through ETH for becoming a validator on this network.


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