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This Wildly Popular Crypto Game Riot Racer is About to Launch!

The Riot Racer could be explained as one of the best-kept secrets in the crypto-game and NFT world. Concurrently, the game has become exceedingly popular with a passionate and growing following. Even those who don’t know about this crypto game are excited about the project. 

What are Riot Racers?

Riot Racers is a play-to-earn car racing game with all the purchasable game assets as NFTs. Also, players are able to purchase cars and race them to earn cryptocurrency. Further, this concept has many similarities to the Zed Run game. However, rather than horses, in Riot Racers, players can now buy and run a wide variety of cars with PFP-like drivers. 

Moreover, Riot Racers is more about racing strategy. Plus, all the cars are similarly able to win when there are no “mule” cars in Riot Racers. Nonetheless, one can’t help but notice that the team gained inspiration from other play-to-earn games like Zed Run and Axie Infinity.

In addition, the in-game currency of Riot Racers is the $RIOT token. It is a fungible ERC-20 token on the blockchain of Ethereum. Also, players use the RIOT tokens to upgrade vehicles, enter races, earn in-game rewards and more. The $RIOT token is currently available to purchase on Uniswap.

Riot Racer’s Excellent Team

The reason behind the launch success is that the Riot Racer team has a well-written whitepaper and clear development plan. They also have accountability between the community and developers. Further, this game’s visuals are sharp, as seen by the quality of the NFTs they’ve created. 

The gameplay sounds extremely fun, and the secret ingredient may just be the team behind the project!


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