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Thanksgiving Queen ‘Martha Stewart’ Sets out the New Batch Of the Ethereum NFTs

Martha Stewart has released the NFTs previously, but this new collection is focused on her bread-and-butter holiday.

Who doesn’t know Martha Stewart? This lifestyle icon has also previously released Halloween NFTs. Stewart had an extensive career working as a magazine editor-in-chief, TV personality, and home-good expert. She placed her brand name on everything from pans to pots and outerwear. And amazingly, she sold out the Halloween NFT collection last month. 

She has been named as a “Queen of Thanksgiving” by Time Magazine. Now she is back to launch the 100 NFT images and an animated NFT, known as “The First Thanksgiving remembering 1994.”

Moreover, this is a story-based animation NFT, and the collection on Martha Fresh Mint has a variety of images. This collection showed up in back issues of Stewart’s popular home magazine ‘Martha Stewart Living.’ Further, this NFT includes images of sandwiches, pies, cornucopias, and tactically-arranged rooster sculptures in different styles. 

Also, this NFTs collection has a different range of price points, from $100 for a photorealistic image to $1,000 for an impressionist rendition. Further, watercolor and oil painting and Palette knife restyle value $500. Moreover, the most expensive NFT in the collection is the animated NFT which is presently up for auction sale on OpenSea. Also, the Bids for the piece start at 3 ETH.

Lastly, Martha Stewart’s interest in the NFT may come as a surprise to some of her fans, given her demographics. At the same time, it’s still unclear who is exactly buying Stewart’s NFTs. 


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