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Mastercard Expands Consulting Services to Crypto

American multinational financial services corporation, Mastercard Inc, is expanding its consulting services. They are making commitments to support several innovations in the cryptocurrencies market.

As announced by Purchase, a New York-based firm, the expanded consulting service will also encompass Open Banking, Open Data, and Environment, Social & Governance (ESG).

Mastercard is a technology-driven firm and is also known as one of the credit card payment giants. They have a deep interest in digital currencies as the next big force in payments. Further, cryptocurrencies have showcased they are favorites in that they are typically faster. Also, sometimes cheaper than traditional payment models. 

While Mastercard has come to terms and embraced these advances, the company said it is now ready to help businesses whether small or big.

Further, amongst many ways, it said it would drive home these consulting services and its overall reach to those who needed it. Mastercard noted it would be onboarding as many as 500 college graduates. The young professionals, train them and bolster its existing crop of data analysts.

Moreover, Mastercard’s prior work in the digital currency ecosystem encompasses helping both banks and Central Banks adopt digital assets. Notably, a number of Central Banks around the world utilize a Mastercard’s solution in the design and deployment of CBDCs.


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