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NFT related applications, Mastercard files for Fifteen metaverse

Mastercard has now filed almost 15 non-fungible-token or NFT and metaverse related to the trademark applications. This agreement was sign with the patent of United States and with office Trademark.

Mastercard explore ways for processing the payments in metaverse. The giant payment has also filed almost 15 NFT or non-fungible-token and metaverse. As per the report, the company is even now considering to simply open up the marketplace which is related for the trading of NFT, where the users will also be able to simply sell and buy various sets of digital assets.

However, the trademark application which filed with the USPTO is also describe. Offering the entertainment & educational information in fields for concerts, events, sporting events, awards shows and festivals in metaverse & different digital worlds. Moreover, the highlights of trademark with use of the cryptocurrency, NFT in metaverse.

Mastercard and NFT

The logo of Mastercard for metaverse, according to the trade application, reflects two circles, yellow and red overlapping to create orange in centre. There are few things which can’t be purchase by money, for other things, there is a Mastercard. The slogan of the company on the logo clarifies.

Mastercard does not reveals the plans officially for making the debut of NFT in world of metaverse. Mastercard also hired 500 employees for consulting with the banks & merchants related to adopting of NFT and other crypto-enabled technology. In the month of December, Mastercard has also launched the payments cards that are related and linked to cryptocurrency in region of Asia-Pacific. It will also enable users for converting the digital assets to the fiat currency. Moreover, the cards seek for removing any kind of the barrier between the merchants. It does not simply accept crypto currency since the payment & customers that wish to pay in the digital assets.


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