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The key reason why is Bitgert known as next Ethereum grows as Bitgert ecosystem

Bitgert also known as BRISE is possibly the most popular crypto project of Ethereum. It is mainly for the reason that it is among best-performing and popular crypto coins. The price of Bitgert is now growing exponentially, also when different crypto coins are also plunging.

Because of their fast growth & high development, it is compare as large crypto currencies in entire industry. Among such kind of the big crypto coins, this is also compared to the Ethereum. However, the Crypto experts says that Bitgert may also be next Ethereum as it has some of the huge developments.

One of the great reason that why it is known as next Ethereum and it is also fast-growing ecosystem. There is absolutely no doubt that Bitgert is fastest ecosystems in entire market today. It is evident from fast delivery of the roadmap.

Bitgert has also launch some of the additional products & projects for their ecosystem as compared to other crypto project of their similar age. Project has completed delivery of the roadmap and V1 in only 6 months, this includes the blockchain of Bitgert BRC20.

There are various products which were design in roadmap V1. However, roadmap of V2 has additional disruptive products. Also, there are various projects that are coming in ecosystem through Startup Studio in other year.

Ethereum as a greatest Blockchain

Though experts of crypto says that Bitgert may be upcoming Ethereum, as it is biggest blockchains. This is not possible for replacing Ethereum, though there are few of the projects with potential for outperforming the Ethereum. It also has the scaling issue, and gas fee is highest.
In conclusion, also there are some of the signs that Bitgert may be next great thing in crypto. However, Bitgert has potential to become next Ethereum because of huge developments when team works on it.


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