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The Founder Predicted MakerDAO’s TerraUSD as cryptocurrency being the Ponzi!

The founder of MakerDAO had warned about UST getting zero for its solid Ponzi. Also, it’s no longer the news that labs of TerraForm and ecosystem tokens. It includes UST TerraUSD along with LUNA. It has suffered most devastating dips after their inception of cryptocurrency market.

Through UST losing their peg to U.S. dollar, LUNA where follow the supposed to be the stablecoin and also crash significantly. Here, investors of such tokens were hugely affected by dip.

Cryptocurrency Expert and Terra Tokens!

Though various cryptocurrency experts have also warned about instant crash of the Terra tokens. Various investors fail for heeding these warnings, as it ends up paying price.

Warning by MakerDAO Founder

The MakerDAO founder, warn the investors that UST stablecoin, along with Magic Internet Money known as MIM are solid Ponzi. As per the Christensen, rather than the fact that the people make huge profits through the investments in MIM and UST. The digital currencies do not have right kind resilience that is integrated into them. He adds that lack of cryptocurrency resilience in tokens will also expose duo to unusual volatility which can see price of assets crash with zero.

MIM and UST are solid ponzis which you may make some great money for sure. However, they do not build for the resilience and they make 0 once this market turns real. Now you should stop trying for making scam users and also looking for the actual stability for being the exit liquidity.

It is also important to mention that UST and MIM cryptocurrency have common set of features. This involves to create the perfect opportunity for community of crypto for earning the passive income. There are many people, who also warn people for avoiding the investment in Terra. UST also took a crash because of high level of ROI which is paid for the investment plan to the investors.


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