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Phygital World: The Metaverse is Merging our Real and Digital Lives

The phygital world is all the rage for all the good reasons!

The digital economy is one of the primary growth drivers of the world economy now. In fact, the industry could be worth $678.8 billion by 2030.

Furthermore, humans always have found new technologies to share information and constantly communicate and continuously invest in easier, faster and wider-reaching tools. Moreover, the latest repetition of this is the ‘Metaverse’, a network of interconnected, interoperable, immersive and persistent virtual spaces.

Phygital world: A Total Transformation

The Metaverse serves as a home for a new, hyper-connected, cosmopolitan generation of digital creators and their audiences. Digital spaces can have integrated avatars and a decentralized system for spreading values. Further, it can blur the borders between countries and unite several different types of media into a whole-planet infrastructure. 

Also, Metaverse is a digital layer that can replace the “real world” for users. A person can move within and interact with a virtual space, all without touching the real world. Besides, a wide variety of areas use the Metaverse to supplement their activities in the physical world like banks and banking systems, real estate, fashion, music, sport, marketing, sales and customer support, among others.

In addition, the Metaverse will be a key part of the entertainment medium going forward. Furthermore, the digital world will boom thanks to Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR).

Thanks to the Metaverse, listening to music or watching sports will be transformed. Very soon we will have the possibility to put on VR goggles that put us right in the middle of the action on the football pitch or on the big stage. 

The Laws of the Future in the Phygital World

With each appearance of a new tool for mass distribution of information, there is a chance to establish a new formula of laws and ethical norms. Also, we can create new rules for communication directed toward a more balanced distribution of resources.

Here are 7 rules of the Metaverse:

  1. There is only one metaverse;
  2. The Metaverse is for everyone;
  3. Nobody controls the Metaverse;
  4. The Metaverse is open;
  5. And the Metaverse is hardware-independent;
  6. The Metaverse is a Network;
  7. The Metaverse is the Internet.

Phygital World: The Future of the Physical and the Virtual

Phygital aims to combine the best of both worlds (Physical and Digital). In this regard, the Metaverse will continue to expand on different kinds of immersive experiences. Today, we bear witness where machines are no longer simple labor tools. Now, computers and machines are more like gigantic organisms in which we exist, a kind of planetary-scale apparatus.

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