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Bitgert – Why Is It The Next Ethereum?

Bitgert is a famous blockchain that claims to be the first-ever no-cost gas-free world. The validators of the Bitgert blockchain are spotted worldwide, and therefore, any demographic customer base has no control.

We can also say that it’s genuinely decentralize. The blockchain ecosystem has a high-speed network with more than a hundred TPS, plus its project spans between NFTs, DeFi, and everything that is popping up in the cryptocurrency slash metaverse space.

Additionally, Bitgert has developed a wallet that supports iOS and Android. In other words, Bitgert is a leading crypto engineering company that has created a super-fast blockchain with more than 100 TPS and zero-cost gas charges. 

The fastest developing network with projects spanning Web3, NFTs, DeFi, and much more, Bitgert has also built a BEP20/ERC20/BRC20 Supported wallet on iOS and Android.

What’s new with the Zero Gas fee?

For beginners, the cost of energy consumed while transacting and mining on a blockchain is accountable for carbon emission. That has a massive impact on our climate, and that’s the reason why activists have been uniting to ban crypto.

But cryptocurrency researchers have been working day and night on authentic green technology to decrease the environmental harm it does. Bitgert has managed to take action to save the climate. 

While Ethereum, the 2nd most famous blockchain network, does 15 transactions per second with a hefty gas fee. Bitgert does 100,000 transactions per second with a nearly Zero gas fee that usually amounts to $0.00000001.

Why is Bitgert imitating a Dogecoin killer?

Dogecoin has forced approximately 81% in the past year, with the last few months being very bearish. According to statistics, this gloomy performance of Dogecoin is the prime reason traders are shifting to Bitgert.

It has also moved ahead of Dogecoin when it comes to performance. Bitgert is more comprehensive and faster than Doge. With plenty of tokens, projects, and use cases being develop over the Bitgert network. The name of being another Ethereum is possibly true.

But, always be cautious while investing money in any kind of virtual digital assets or cryptocurrency


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