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NFT Crypto – Noah Davis announced joining of yuga laboratories for CryptoPunks NFT

Noah Davis, Christie’s nonfungible token (NFT) specialist. He has announced that he would be leaving in July to join Yuga Laboratories as the marketing lead for the CryptoPunks NFT collection.

Davis announced the decision on Twitter on Sunday, attempting to allay implications for the future of one of the earliest NFT projects.

He encouraged CryptoPunk owners to meet with him at the NFT NYC event to discuss the project’s future. He stated that the new position would not interfere with his own NFT initiative.

In March 2021, Davis oversaw the world-record-breaking auction of Beeple’s Everydays: The Very First 5,000 Days NFT, which sold for more than $69 million.

In March, Yuga Labs purchased the CryptoPunks collection’s copyrights from Larva Labs. Promising to hand over complete commercial rights to the proprietors, a promise that has yet to be fulfilled.

A tweetstorm on Sunday, Yuga Labs cofounder Wylie Aronow alias Gargamel addressed the delay. Writing this was “too important to rush” and that new rules were needed.

With Davis’ departure announced and the new terms expected to take place soon. Some are claiming that insiders had previous understanding of the facts, noting the collection’s soaring sales volume.

According to OpenSea, 39 CryptoPunks collections have sold since the introduction. With 101 total purchases on Sunday, up from only 19 the day before on Saturday.

With NFTs, a condemned con artist “reinvents” oneself.

Anna Sorokin, a condemned scam artist and fraudster who purported to be the affluent German heiress “Anna Delvey”. It is just to scam friends and companies of over $275,000 form 2013 to 2017, has begun an NFT collection.

This collection, titled Rethinking Anna, includes 2,000 NFTs for 0.1 Ethereum (ETH), or around $110 just at time of this writing. It billed as a means for “fans to communicate with Anna” and gain access to private “ask-me-anything” sessions with Sorokin.

The set will include 20 “gold edition cards,” which will allow buyers to speak with the so-called “famous socialite” one-on-one over the phone and in person.

The title of the collection is a play on the Trying to invent Anna Netflix drama miniseries. It published earlier this year and is based on Sorokin’s story.


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