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Cryptocurrency Survey: US Millennials Own More Crypto Than Mutual Funds!

According to one of the cryptocurrency surveys, 40% of American Millennials have heavily invested in cryptocurrencies. This is a larger chunk than those who own mutual funds nowadays. 

This research is conducted by Investing firm Alto. According to this research, 40% of the American millennials who are 26-41 are holding cryptocurrencies. 

Cryptocurrency Survey: Millennials and Their Relationship With Crypto 

This cryptocurrency survey states that many US millennials are investing their wealth into crypto. This percentage is more than those who are dealing with mutual funds. 

70% of the crypto holders have even included digital assets in their Individual Retirements Accounts (IRAs). Further, the majority of the Americans who are millennials and do not own cryptocurrencies are totally considering entering the ecosystem in the future. 

Moreover, the Founder and CEO of Alto also explained the current macroeconomics conditions. According to the CEO, the crises have made it difficult for millennials to invest in different types of assets. 

It is also worth noting that Real Estate is still on the top of the most appealing investment options to US Millennials. 

77% of the Millennials stated that they would invest their funds in the properties. However, 67% are investing in innovation funds. While 55% of them described Angel Investments as a great alternative. 

Half of Millennials Would Say ‘Yes’ to Salaries in Crypto.

Another recent poll estimated that 36% of millennials and 51% of Generation Z (those born between 1997-2012) would prefer to receive half of their paychecks in digital currencies instead of fiat.

While in this regard, millennials, another survey determined that 47% of such millionaires had distributed at least 1/4 of their wealth in digital assets. Moreover, 30% have invested half of their capital in the market.

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