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Here Is The Answer To “Why My Revoult Account Get Blocked”?

Revolut implemented AML IV directive, where the key aim is to prevent the money laundering along with financing terrorism. Latest law is quite strict as compared to the old ones. Moreover, people also usually complain that British fintech company at times block the accounts devoid of giving any important and crucial reason for. You may also be wondering that Why my Revoult account get blocked? It was decide to look in such matter and also find out when exactly the Revolut app & the card users may experience such kind of the restrictions. It also checked by the representatives of company to give few instances of the regulation violations. They will result in the user getting lock from the account.

Why my Revoult account get blocked?

The key reason for account which might also get block is when the user transfers the money from the credit & transfers the money to absolutely different account. Inspite of this getting against the rules, the users usually do it – for different set of reasons. It may even be a great way to attain cheap access for cash from the credit card through the purpose of withdrawing it through ATM. They may even transfer the similar amount of money, that is for collecting points for the loyalty programs.

There are few of the users that order digital cards for setting up new accounts. They take benefit from almost 30 days of the free access to movie and also TV that show some kind of the streaming platform. Subsequent to free period that ends they also delete this card. Order latest one in app and then again repeat this process.

A user may even have the confusion about why my Revoult account get blocked? It is when they top up the account in app using other’s card. Revolut is the platform which just meant for the adults. Where you need to set up the account through using the credential of the family member. One user may even have just one account. If you are the business owner, you need to set up the business account which allow various business transactions.


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