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Meta Will Soon Let Artists Sell NFTs In-app.

In a recent announcement, Meta detailed the changes it would implement to its creator tools for use on both Instagram and Facebook. Perhaps most importantly, the business said that Instagram artists would soon have the ability to make their own NFTs and sell them directly to followers, both on and off the platform. This revision introduces a set of resources for developers that may be used to build, publish, and market NFTs. Meta has picked Polygon as its first partner for this functionality.

In-app purchases of the NFTs will soon be available to Instagram users. According to Meta, it will work the same way on iOS and Android: via regular in-app purchases. Also, Instagram is not yet collecting a portion of creative earnings. This new functionality is being tested with a select number of creators in the United States, with future intentions to roll it out internationally.

Instagram now works with the Solana blockchain and the Phantom wallet. It already worked with the Rainbow blockchain, MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, Dapper Wallet, Ethereum, Polygon, and Flow. When OpenSea improves the metadata of Instagram posts, users can now see more information, like the name and description of a collection.

Along with the changes to the NFT, Instagram is letting all qualified U.S. authors join as members. In January, the social media platform started a limited beta test of subscriptions with a select group of content providers. In addition to their regular Instagram content, producers may charge their fans to watch Instagram Live videos and Instagram Stories. A subscriber’s unique badge will make them stand out in the creators’ comment threads and email inboxes.

Meta also shared that Facebook would be expanding the availability of Stars, a program that allows content producers to get direct payments from their audiences on Facebook’s Reels, Live, and videos. Facebook is also planning to try out a feature called “automatic onboarding,” which would enable artists to immediately get feedback in the form of star ratings. Besides videos, Facebook is expanding Stars to other forms of content.

Facebook is releasing a new feature called Stars Party for users of the Stars platform. If the challenge’s author accomplishes their objective, the Stars community will throw a party to celebrate.

In addition, Facebook is equipping content producers with new ways to interact with Star recipients. To respond to several comments at once, authors may apply a filter to Remarks Manager that collects all of their star comments in one spot.

Meta also said that Instagram Gifts would be coming out, starting with Reels, to give content creators more ways to make money. Fans can now buy stars on Instagram and use them to give each other presents on reels. Initially, only a select number of American artists will have access to this functionality. But Meta has plans to roll it out to a much larger community shortly.

Meta is also giving all content producers the option to set their Facebook profiles to “professional mode.” Creators who want to make money off of their social media followings should switch to “professional mode.” In December 2021, Facebook started testing a “professional mode” with a small group of creators.

Meta is making these changes because it knows that creator subscriptions and other ways could give it a new way to make money. That’s why the company wants to cultivate its user base of content creators.

With these changes, Instagram hopes to better compete with rival platforms like TikTok, which has been gaining popularity among content producers. Not surprisingly, Meta wants to add more services for creators because it needs their help to keep growing the metaverse.


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