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Cardano Network: Overcoming Transaction Delays


Current State of the Cardano Network

Cardano, a leading smart contract platform developed by Charles Hoskinson, is experiencing a significant challenge. Hoskinson had earlier projected that the Cardano network could, in theory, manage up to a remarkable one million transactions per second (TPS). However, current user experiences suggest a different reality. Users have reported considerable delays, with some swaps on Cardano-based decentralized exchanges (DEXes) taking up to half an hour.

The Issue at Hand

At present, the Cardano network appears to be struggling with the influx of transactions, particularly swaps on DEXes. This congestion has resulted in transaction times extending to 30 minutes, a stark contrast to the originally promised capabilities of the Cardano network. The root cause of this issue remains uncertain. It could be due to a specific technical problem or simply a case of the network being overwhelmed by an unexpected surge in trading volumes.

The Search for Solutions

The issue has understandably raised concerns among Cardano users and developers. There is a pressing need for a resolution, but the nature of this solution remains unclear. As of now, there has been no official communication from the Cardano team concerning the congestion issue or any potential solutions that could address this problem. It is evident that for Cardano to achieve its stated objectives, these issues must be promptly resolved. The Cardano community is keenly awaiting updates and improvements, hoping for quick and effective solutions.


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