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SushiSwap Dex Says There’s No Security Threat Due To A Bug


One of the top decentralized exchanges SushiSwap has confirmed that they don’t have any security threat due to bugs as claimed by a hacker. Earlier reports emerged that a hacker has claimed that SushiSwap has vulnerabilities and that a white-hat hacker has claimed to exploit those vulnerabilities.

The reports claimed that the hacker had access to funds worth 1billion dollars. The reports also claimed that when they wanted to reach SushiSwap developers, they couldn’t reach them. Therefore, there was no proper action taken on the reported bugs. 

According to published reports, the hacker has said that they have identified a “vulnerability within the emergencyWithdraw function in two of SushiSwap’s contracts, MasterChefV2 and MiniChefV2.” This smart contract refers to SushiSwap’s contracts that govern the exchange’s 2x reward farms and the pools for non-ERC20 based networks. 

The hacker issued a warning to the SushiSwap liquidity providers claiming they had 10 hours before they would start losing their funds.  “It can take approximately 10 hours for all signature holders to consent to refill the rewards account, and some reward pools are empty multiple times a month,” the hacker claimed.

“SushiSwap’s non-Ethereum deployments and 2x rewards (all using the vulnerable MiniChefV2 and MasterChefV2 contracts) hold over $1 billion in total value. This means that this value is essentially untouchable for 10-hours several times a month,” he added. 


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