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Which Is Better To Buy Bitcoin Or Ethereum?

If you are dealing in cryptocurrency market, this could be the most thoughtful question. As, Ethereum and Bitcoin both are largest and renowned cryptocurrencies. When it is about choosing the one to buy, you need to be wise and vigilant while making a decision.

Inclination for cryptocurrencies

There is no surprise that the investors are incline towards cryptocurrencies. They are among the highly performing asset classes. Moreover, the community of crypto has also rallied around developing asset class, rousing hype about the cryptocurrencies being next great thing to happen in finance.

Bitcoin Vs. Ethereum

Bitcoin was traded initially in 2009. At that time, you could purchase the new digital tokens at the price of 1 cent and even less. Prices took to steep height – although with great volatility over passing years, Bitcoin reached the level of $60,000 which is all-time high.

On the other hand, Ethereum debuted in the year 2015 at price of $3 or less and flew above $1,400 by the year 2018. Ethereum has now traded $3,800 and more.

What should we buy, Ethereum or Bitcoin?

The decisive debate between Ethereum and Bitcoin continues as investments is related with the risk profile of an investor. Both of these have bull catalysts in predictable future as this world becomes highly digital and acceptance of cryptocurrency also grows. Also, Bitcoin is mainstream and quite stable, though the bullish sentiment by experts have grown over last year specifically for Ethereum.

It is also possible that high risk of Ethereum in most investments, brings along potential for high returns and rewards. Both these currencies have sprinted and raced up for past phase of proof-of-concept; this is the right time for the investors who have not yet considered crypto asset class in their portfolio should start taking both Ethereum or Bitcoin seriously.


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