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Slovenia – The highly crypto friendly country in the world

With increasing acceptance & with mass adoption of the crypto assets, the world has left the nations speeding high quickly. It is for embracing the revolutionary technology & digital currencies in different ways. The Italy based Aviation company publish this survey report. The report revels some of the top destinations around world which are highly crypto friendly.

To start with the report of the survey, the company also came up with international capitals. These are recently the best kind of the destinations for travelers. It also prefer to use the currencies with indexing of cities that have maximum restaurants & shops. With the acceptance of the payment as digital currency.

Best countries that are crypto friendly!

– The Best three nations that are currency friendly are Czech Republic, Argentina and Slovenia.
Next 3 are Japan, Colombia and Spain.

– Among the best kind of crypto friendly cities in the USA is New York. It has various options such as shopping & eateries to spend the crypto currencies

– Apart from these, there are 42 other countries also such as Bahrain, Bolivia and Algeria and few others. They have directly and indirectly restricted or prohibited the business of currency.

China has imposed the ban on the business of crypto currency and operations

Best 5 destinations that are crypto friendly in Europe

– In Europe, Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana was found to be most friendly place in Europe. Such kind of the amenities in Slovenia make it highly crypto-friendly country:

* All alone Ljubljana has above 137 businesses with 584 diverse locations. They accept payments through the assets.

Slovenia usually has 72 shops with 33 sport venues which permit payments in the crypto.

* The biggest shopping center is named BTC, this symbolize the Bitcoin city.
– The Czech Republic was 2nd best destination.

Hence, as per the report of the aviation company the above are the the best / Top cities which are highly Crypto friendly and which use the currency for trading.


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