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Dahab Alealam: Major Muslim crypto-asset set to launch the Open Token Sale

Muslims will be able to pay through the crypto named Dahab Alealam. Find out more!

In the Muslim world, the crypto economy is strengthening its foundations. In early May 2022, Arab News announced the use of Bitcoin as a means of payment by Emirates, a major airline. Cryptocurrencies are no longer seen as haram for Muslims. And some projects are creating huge cryptocurrency ecosystems, which are solely for halal. 

DAHAB is a major halal crypto

Just as PayPal revolutionized financial services in 1998, DAHAB will repeat this technological revolution with even greater ambitions in 2022. This service makes available not only transfers of funds to almost every country in the world. However, it also has the ability to invest and make everyday payments from one device literally on the go. The project’s asset is under the eponymous name Dahab (DHB). This coin allows everyone on the planet to participate in the development of the product. Even at an early stage and earn a profit for participating. 

DAHAB is the main platform of modern financial solutions, built on the good principles of Islamic law and Shariah. DHB’s capabilities allow digital solutions to be incorporated into any halal digital product in order to improve it. Whether it is a payment system for transferring funds to other countries or payment and optimization of entertainment or social services.

Dahab Alealam will be an effective guide for Muslims between existing financial services and crypto technologies. You will be able to easily pay for international entertainment services such as Netflix, Steam, YouTube Music and others. DAHAB technology is able to replace outdated money transfer. They are offering services such as Western Union or IBAN technology and even will become a competitor of PayPal. 

Advantages of DHB token

While most of the crypto projects count on high volatility, Dahab focuses on the relative stability of DHB assets. It is similar to the gold price formation (every year, gold grows in value). This is achieved by encouraging a long-term investment relationship on the part of the project participants. 

DHB holders receive guarantees from participating in the distribution of profits of the project DAHAB. After receiving his participation fee, he can dispose of the profits himself: sell, exchange or keep the asset for future use.  

On May 14, 2022, the DAHAB project launched an Open TokenSale on its official website for the distribution of 7% of DHB tokens among early investors. The project has a total issuance of 19,000,000,000 tokens. Several investment solutions are available for investors, each with its own benefits:

Has a lower cost of $0.0003 per 1 DHB; you can get tokens with an automatic BUSD, USDT /DHB Swap, a minimum of $100. But in this case, the investor agrees to token lock-in for 6 months.

Has a higher price of $0.0006 for 1 DHB; you can get tokens just by paying a wide list of accounts of the project BUSD, USDT, BTC, ETH, BNB, and SOL; besides, in this case, there is no blocking of funds. But the minimum purchase amount is $500.

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