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Salesforce Introduces NFT Cloud Marketplace for Customers

The customer relations management software behemoth Salesforce introduces an NFT cloud marketplace to drive user engagement on customer platforms.

Users can easily find the ticket for the next major conference on Salesforce’s new NFT marketplace, launching to the general public in October 2021. However, unlike the famous market, OpenSea, you won’t find cartoon pictures of bored primates or pixelated 8-bit characters here.

Furthermore, Non-fungible tokens are records of ownership on the blockchain that have netted marketplaces like OpenSea significant trading volume. However, some say that the boom is over with the crypto exchange. But somehow, Coinbase recently launched its NFT marketplace to a tepid reception. 

Moreover, Veebits creator Gary Vaynerchuk believes that the crash happened naturally in accordance with other hyped products. However, we all know that the long-term future for NFTs still holds promise.

Heightened Security On Nft Cloud Marketplace

Salesforce hopes that its new marketplace will address issues from phishing attacks to insider trading plaguing marketplaces like OpenSea. Further, there will be a more secure environment to create and sell NFTs. 

Moreover, the customers of Salesforce are usually enterprises, and they can list their NFTs on their own website. The Salesforce will handle back-end security, the writing of smart contracts, and authentication. Also, the service will be available to a few customers in a testing phase. The service availability is followed by an official launch in October.

According to Caplan, customers using the NFT cloud marketplace seek engagement from NFT buyers rather than an appreciation of the value of the NFT.

To address employee concerns that the new marketplace would fly in the face of Salesforce’s sustainability goals, Caplan said that clients would use more environmentally-friendly blockchains and be able to buy carbon offsets. 

Just like the NFT marketplace, Rarible offers the option to mint (create new) NFTs on Tezos, an environmentally-friendly blockchain.

Regarding the proliferation of scams totaling over $1B since the beginning of 2021, Caplan said there would be an ability to pause assets and wallets suspected of being involved in fraud.


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