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BlackRock Remains Bullish on Blockchain

Blockchain remains bullish!

Salim Ramji, global head of ETFs and index investments at investment titan BlackRock, offered some high praise for blockchain.

A recent interview with London-based Financial News claimed that the technology, which underlies Bitcoin and it remains bullish. Further, other cryptocurrencies are “incredibly” disruptive and innovative.

The senior executive underscored blockchain’s potential to boost the efficiency of financial markets. Ramji’s upbeat comments about blockchain come after Blackrock launched an ETF that tracks a basket of 41 blockchain-related companies. Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the U.S., makes up the biggest share of the product’s holdings.

BlackRock is not sold on crypto itself just yet, Its Bullish!

Ramji told the outlet that it still had no intention of rolling. Further, they have their own Bitcoin product. In spite, of the fact that major financial companies, such as Fidelity, have come up with their ETF applications. He explains that BlackRock has to live up to expectations in terms of quality and regulatory compliance instead of going bullish.

 Having said that, BlackRock is seemingly leaving the door open for launching a Bitcoin product in the future, according to Ramji. The New York-based financial behemoth is not willing to chase market trends. In the long term, the company could boost the accessibility of cryptocurrencies on a par with traditional financial assets such as gold if it goes bullish.

In April, BlackRock entered into a partnership with USD Coin issuer Circle, which includes capital-market applications for the second-largest stablecoin. Ramji claims that the deal has been a success. The world’s largest asset manager, which boasts roughly $10 trillion worth of assets, dabbled in Bitcoin futures last year, but it is yet to embrace the top cryptocurrency in the way many other Wall Street giants did.

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