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Proposal of SEC Redactions to Response Letter of Ripple to the Objection of Amici’s Participation.

Here, SEC does not take any chance for the bid to protect the experts from harassment or from any kind of the threat. Securities & Exchange Commission filed under the seal for the proposed redactions for response to the objection of participation in Daubert challenge. However, explaining in letter the reason it is important to redact few portions of the Ripple’s response, SEC mentioned that not simply redacting portions will expose expert such threat.

Also, in short, proposed set of redactions to response customized narrowly to serve high value to protect the witness safety. Also, possibility that past harassment with threats may continue in absence of steps. The SEC is quite specific for redacting Footnote 1 in response of Ripple’s. It also claims consist of excerpts from report of expert.

SEC and proposed redaction

Securities and Exchange Commission mentioned that staying proposed set of redactions are in the line with details. Threats & harassment also expressed in opposition set of brief.

Such kind of the redactions are suitable as explained it is completely in sealing application.

Details & arguments related to harassment as well as effects of the harassment. It might also fuel the future efforts for harassing and threatening the expert.

It is quite noteworthy that proposed SEC redactions come some weeks subsequent to Ripple requested that court advertise the response.

Making of Final Decision

However, following the move for filing the opposition to participation under the seal in the bid for protecting expert and subjected to various threats & harassment. It was Ripple follow with the similar approach and even filing of the response under such seal.

Judge Torres will also need to decide considering the latest developments. Response of ripple to SEC’s opposition for participating in expert challenge that will get filed in public docket.


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