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Launching of Crypto Trading Services by Revolut

With the regulatory climate for the crypto in Singapore is absolutely not best at moment. Though Revolut, which is the U.K.-based firm that work at intersection of the crypto with the institutionalized finance that launch the service of Crypto Trading. The latest lack of the clarity for regulatory frameworks for digital assets and crypto. Digital assets that led several investors & companies to back down and also to withdraw from the considerations of launching as well as supporting the products of crypto-specific in country. Apart from this, the international market downturn, where Revolut continue to make inroads with Singaporean market. Particularly aiming for crypto-savvy client base of country.

Exceptional Features of Crypto Trading

We offer the educational features in coming months for helping the clients to understand the trends better and risks which associated with the cryptocurrency. Here, Revolut confirms that this will soon unveiling the Crypto Trading Services with the planned increase by almost 20% of the size. Here, form of financial technology attained the approval from Monetary Authorities. It well set for offering the service as the ramp for conversions of crypto-fiat. This service minimum of 27 fiat currencies, along with gold & silver. Such service will never incur the fees of foreign exchange, but will be based on the user’s tier and level of the subscription to Revolut platform.

The Users on the Standard tier of Revolut will charge with the transaction fee of 2.5%. Though, Premium & Metal users would get charge with 1.5% each transaction. Such amount gets calculated based on total value of the transaction. What is wonderful with Revolut is that they allow the users to simply buy & sell digital assets having the built-in features like ability to set the stop limit order. The Revolut users recently have access to 80 tokens and more through the mobile app, having getting list as the market conditions getting stable.


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