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Will Wazirx Get Shut Down By Binance CEO?

This is the most prevailing question between the users of WazirX and this made the users to get into panic. The Binance CEO came out to the clear the stand of company subsequent to Enforcement Directorate froze with few assets of WazirX. On the other hand, he stressed the fact that they can shut down the trouble crypto exchange.

At the same time, several statements that are countering the CEO of Binance. He mentions that we may shut down the WazirX directly proves CZ simply hold to complete the control. Though, Shetty appreciate that CZ has confirmed about WazirX domain got transferred to entire Binance control. However, it is also mentioned that they just Zanmai and even asked why does CZ is never taking this up.

What does Binance CEO say about WazirX

It was also assured that all the users from the assets in INR and Crypto on the platform which are now safe. They always have make sure that KYC is well conducted and different policies are followed. It was also added about WazirX as it permits the bank transfers and hence all the transactions get traceable. On the other hand, the records of database WazirX to the Binance transfer. It offers complete details between the accounts and users.

He also added that with the transfer options for off-chain, a user will only be able to send assets to the account. Though, there is the applicable KYC for such transfers only.

Action to be taken by Exchange against ED?

Here, WazirX issued such a statement that simply highlights that they get complete and proper cooperation with ED for last few days. They get transparent and respond to the mentioned queries. Also, the exchange never agrees with any such kind of the allegation which is well pressed by government agency.


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