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How Can I Know Why Revolut Banned My Account?

You can get the free bank account in just few minutes: this promise offered by Revolut to their clients and it was a great success. But now, several customers are now waiting for last many weeks to get the assets normal and unfrozen. They are still waiting to get the answer to know why revolut banned my account. It seems that it is the persistent problem now. At the same time, announcement related to the new services actually tends to create the groundswell of the dissent in the social media. The clients of Revolut mainly take an opportunity to usually remind this world of plight and also accounts related to freezing of the accounts.

Why revolut banned my account?

Here, cases of the frozen accounts which usually take weeks for unlocking of the account are not just the isolated cases.  Also, cries for the help on platform of social media are vocal and several, with many people looking for the help to get the money simply unblock. It simply feels neglected. The company also have almost 12 million of clients in approx. 35 markets.

Ending the chat!

The example of the client that needs a clarification on why revolut banned my account has been waiting for almost seven weeks to get the account unlocked. Also, some series of small payments had an alarm bells that are ringing, which suspects the concept of money laundering. Here, bank clearly demands client to send the tax statement & then people who sent the money.

While such kind of the thing also failed to offer the tax statements, Revolut just blocked the account – quite apparently devoid of giving the due notice. And, the money also stays block and as per the daily requests for chatting with online customer service it still unanswered.


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