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Is This The Right Time To Buy Bitcoin With Key Indicator Turning Bullish?

The On-balance volume of Bitcoin considered to be crucial for the accumulation metric and distribution metric. It helps the investors for making the trade decisions. Here, the crypto markets are usually witnessing the protracted period to accumulate the BTC. In spite of indication related to the strong entry, few of the investors wait for the lower price for asset prior to making the move.

On the other hand, analysts also noted that we may see the end of recent accumulation period. Also, the Data from BTC OBV metric helps to supports it. As the consequence, the phase of distribution also set to follow this quite imminently, with the follow of market uptrend.

A designated Breakout in the price of Bitcoin price

It catch the attention of the community to the status of OBV. Hereby also taking in consideration the historical data from the way back in the year 2012, the breakout in trendline simply indicates with the end for the purpose of accumulation. Subsequent to the surging of the Bitcoin above the level of $1.1k in the year 2013, BTC started to shed the additional gains which picked up in last few months when it marched to the year 2014. Moreover, bears even took complete charge of game until the year 2017 when asset rallied, and reach the peak level of $16k more prior to the cooling off.

The similar kind of the pattern even noticed in accumulation periods of the year 2019 & 2020. As it observed on chart of BTC OBV, the metric seems to show the sign related to the breakout. This can also simply influence the rally more than $24k of the resistance level where Bitcoin witnessed since the month of mid-June. It also expected by the Analysts that BTC will reach the level of $28k above.


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