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All Preparation For Merger Completed By Ethereum Developers!

Tim Beiko, the Ethereum core developer simply reveals that entire preparations for Ethereum merger gets completed according to Readiness Checklist. Such kind of the Checklist permits developers for completing the tasks. It consist software implementation, document release, testing, research & development. However, the completion related to checklist of Merge Mainnet Readiness. It brings for Merge for single step that is closer to date of anticipated.

Ethereum is Ready for Merge

The Tim Beiko, the Ethereum core developer confirms about successful completion related to Merge Mainnet with the checklist for Readiness. With such kind of the completion of checklist, Mainnet is ready to simply merge with Beacon Chain. The successful Merger will help to simply shift the ETH from the proof-of-work and also the proof-of-stake consensus. On the other hand, checklist of Merge Mainnet Readiness is the document. It simply outline different kind of the tasks for various Ethereum developers for making the Merge ready related to release of Mainnet. This checklist is divided in Specification such as Testing, Testnets and the last one is R&D.

At the same time, it consist of implementing the software as well as upgrades for some of the consensus along with the layer of execution. Also, the authenticating API Engine, and also releasing some of the public documents. At the same time, testing frameworks as well as the modules on some set of the consensus layer and the execution layer. Thereby also forking public testnets like Ropsten, Goerli and Sepolia.

Moreover, the part of the research and development consist of analysis of Transition process, stress tests, sync of Execution-layer, along with the behavior changes in the Fee Market. The Ethereum Foundation along with Vitalik Buterin mentioned September 15 as target date for such kind of the Merge. On the other hand, the exact date mainly depends on hashrate.


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