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New NFT Collection by FehuArt

The Non Fungible Token is the advance form of digital currency in which the data is store as blockchain. The content will generally get store in a file and shared in a file sharing model. Since NFT is nothing but a digital currency it requires to be transfer in a highly secure way. The art and the artists are actually giving a new meaning in the digital world. FehuArt used as a secret way of communication since ages. Now it had taken a crucial form of getting it share in a secure manner. NFTs can exist in various ways like Video, audio files, image files, digital format and many other possible ways to store the digital data. Basically, the data should be store properly behind these file formats. It would be a successful storage only if it is possible to retrieve the content stored in a proper way. The important feature of NFT is that it can allow you to own asset and the digital data together with additional photocopies of the product.

FehuArt – Attractive Collection!

FEHU is the producer of NFT products and they have created a collection of Arts and in the recent days they have created an extensible collection of RUNE stones. This collection is very attractive and it has also got a feature of custom weight.

The custom weight can lead to higher discounts on their jewelry products available at their internet shop (

A simple discount structure FehuArt offers:

Custom WeightDiscount
500 – 100020%
1000 – 200010%

As more rare rune you own as more discount you will get – and its LIFETIME!

The FehuArt generally can be digitally sign via Blockchains. Hence this kind of digital data considered to be the most attractive digital form of data. As, they have the capability to be attracted across customers.

OpenSea – Biggest Marketplace for NFT

OpenSea is the biggest NFT market place which helps you to buy, sell, and even to auction the NFTs available in the market. It has the world’s biggest art gallery which helps you to find the art at various price ranges. So, you could wonder how your piece of art is going to gain more interest and a price out of the benefit gained with the technology like NFTs. This has become a craze to own digital assets because you have the option to hold the ownership of the digital items like Art, music, video, or any rare content which attracts the users.

Huge Collection of Rune Stones

The Rune Stones can bought either with the ETH currency on polygon chain. The specialty of Rune stones is that it drawn and handmade by the painters. The painters did every layer digitally with their own hands and tablet, so it can clearly stated as an exclusively handmade collection. Every layer is unique and every painting has taken a considerable amount of time for creation.

The layers that built within this painting are responsible for storing the digital data. Hence, it is more precious to preserved and saved as art. Beyond Art and storage the NFT painting considered to be an auspicious one that can bring goodness and wealth for the owner. The person who originally owns it will be able to get discounts on real jewelry and NFT giveaways in future. There are currently 12 owners of Fehu Art Digital art Rune Stones.

The price of these Rune Stones varies from 6 dollars to 8 dollars generally. To buy these Rune Stones you might have to have a Wallet created such as – Binance, Coinbase, MetaMask, Phantom and other.


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