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Collapse in the price of Metaverse Land: Is the Virtual Real Estate Viable?

The prices of the Metaverse land have recently fallen. Though the various economic factors known to be temporary. So, the future will definitely grow. The recent state of world economy, that includes the web 3.0 markets such as crypto & NFT which is in the full flux. Subsequent to the dire fall, some of the cryptocurrencies such as BTC and the ETH hover at almost half value of all-time highs. It may also lead several people to simply wonder about how impacts of bear-bull dance leads to potential of metaverse along with the virtual real estate. Also, where do passionately hyped advancements of technology fit in the recent cultural along with economic climate?

Metaverse – Natural Evolution

Yes, evolution of internet was actually inevitable, considering about how much of lives mainly spent looking at the screens. Next step is metaverse which is the natural one, as this will allow the users to completely immerse themselves in digital space. Having said this, being able to simply experience the virtual entertainment which is definitely not a matter related to excluding the web 2.0 or real life, instead of various critic’s state. On other hand, being able to simply connect much deeply through the latest medium will also open through exciting and thrilling opportunities.

Though, it has also captured attention of media, this also seems that public is much focused related to development of the most affordable device related to VR/AR. The tech giants such as Meta and Apple are recently working on. However, lack of the available set of user-friendly technology might not be any such issue for people of enthusiasm of web 3.0. Moreover, it stays to be the entry barrier for casual user.

Utility of the Virtual Real Estate

Here, the virtual real estate helps to simply represent in the theoretically infinite digital world? Definitely, some limits should also be established for metaverse to get practical.


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