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IMPT Token Presale Blasts Past $500,000

It was recently revealed that the Impact Project was able to raise over $500,000 in only 48 hours during the presale of its native IMPT token. It is a huge step forward for the Ethereum-based platform’s goal of creating a decentralized, transparent, and fair market for carbon credits via the use of blockchain technology and NFTs.

If IMPT’s rise is anything like other similarly successful presale coins this year, the cryptocurrency stands to earn significantly once it is listed on major exchanges. Sixty percent of the total supply will be sold in three stages, with the first stage making the currency accessible for $0.018 and the second and third stages gradually increasing the price to $0.028.

IMPT Token Pre-Sale Has Already Surpassed $500,000, Setting It Up for a 30x Increase

The IMPT token presale has accomplished a lot in its brief existence thus far, including raising $150,000 in its first 24 hours.
Within the next two days, that number doubled to $500,000.

Following in the footsteps of (for example) Tamadoge (TAMA), whose (after being listed on OKX) price has climbed by a very remarkable 1,500% since its presale a month ago, this growth provides an idea of the type of appreciation IMPT may observe once it goes live on crypto-exchanges.

In the same vein as Tamadoge, the Impact Project has solid underpinnings (detailed in the project’s whitepaper) that should keep people interested in the token even after the presale is over.

It’s building a blockchain-based decentralized exchange for carbon credits, as it was said up top. Not only will it facilitate the buying and selling of carbon credits, but it will also provide incentives for the patronage of participating companies in the Impact Project, all of whom are committed to environmental sustainability in some form.

The Impact Project’s use of the Ethereum blockchain basically ensures that carbon credits may be sold openly, avoiding the possibility of double-spending credits or their inappropriate retirement.

At the same time, the Impact Project will encourage people to buy greener products by connecting them to environmental initiatives and businesses that are cognizant of their impact on the planet. It will be accomplished in part by awarding them credits based on the NFT and by providing them with an score that increases as they participate in more environmentally friendly activities.

Due in large part to this novel idea, the Impact Project’s early sales have been very successful. With just five percent of the $10.8 million (or 600 million IMPT) quota sold so far, it seems probable that this auction will terminate before its November 25 deadline.

The Impact Project has not revealed any planned or confirmed swaps, although it undoubtedly has some in mind or in the works for when the presale period expires.

Based on this year’s sales history, early investors will be rewarded handsomely for their foresight when the company first goes public with its listings. It may not have come at a more opportune moment, with the market’s apparent need for environmentally conscious businesses and platforms after Ethereum’s switch to proof-of-stake.


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